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A nit-picking Noah's Ark
Fridge foods fret about cults
5 religions you've not heard of
Believer/nonbeliever chat app
Baphomet in Arkansas
NJ license plate bias eased
Syrians burn niqabs, cut beards
Op-ed: No $ to religious schools
Cannes bans beach burkinis
New Humanist group in Ghana
Rethinking euthanasia
Reform school run by fanatics
Australian jedis bone census
Sharia bank opposed in India
FLDS members re-arrested
Is this third wave-jihadism?
Vote for Shelley Segal's song
After-school Satan club
God shoulda squashed Hitler
Memories of conversion therapy
Only 33,000 atheists in India?
Mas y mas ateos in Panama
Trump pumps politics in church
An atheist celebrates self-love
Atheism as a political liability
Theistic kids confuse fact, fiction
Good Kinja against Leviticus
First UK secular uni advisor
Anti-Muslim bigotry at RNC
Anti-atheism in AKP email dump
Fundie Pokémon Facts
WhatsApp blasphemy arrest
No religion campaign in Oz
Theologian on the hijab
"Not 2 bits for your cubits"
Atheist billboard in Tupelo
Race-mixing is ungodly?
Pastafarianism is real
Cracked on the afterlife
A blessing or your money back
Muslimish meet-ups
Trump's flip-flop on heaven
Xtian god is a boob man
Atheists vote (big)
Pastafarianism hits Russia
+3 speakers for Reason Rally
Atheist firebrands at CPAC
Satanic coloring for CO kids
Another fatwa for Rushdie
Cruz father an extreme fundie
Religious (de)conversion study
Guideparents for secular kids
Atheist pig taco emergency
Satanists ding Trump, Cruz
Put an atheist on SCOTUS
Vagina verse riles Christians
Cops can impious book stall
Tactless prayers for Dawkins
Don't vote for Mary Lou Bruner
Ham baffled by atheist church
SA jamboree in Utrecht
Wendy Doniger parody account
Atheists make better lovers
Ask reps to support Darwin Day
Revisiting the alien autopsy
Pope to atheist: don't convert
City ducks Satanist prayer

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08.17.16: Odd; persons with a less sophisticated understanding of their religion seem to be more susceptible to the suasion of Daesh recruiters. more>>
08.16.16: Noah Feldman on RFRA and the limits of religious exercise in the US military. more>>
08.15.16: Columnist links disorder in Kashmir with threat to India's secular society. more>>
08.12.16: Californication! CA pols vote against giving aid dollars to Xtian colleges teaching biblically-inspired sex-ed. more>>
08.11.16: PRRI study suggests many Americans exaggerate how often they attend church. more>>
08.10.16: Religious content is distorting the state-mandated curriculum in Australian Islamic schools. more>>
08.09.16: Meet the Mormon tycoon buying land to build a LDS utopia in Vermont. more>>
08.08.16: An MRA raises funds to help an ex-Muslim atheist girl make her way to the West. more>>
08.05.16: Dubliners unswayed by letter describing religious teaching in schools as child abuse. more>>
08.04.16: The Freethought Equality Fund PAC announces latest round of endorsements of nonreligious candidates. more>>
08.03.16: In Russia, religious revivalism has combined with nostalgia for the Soviet era in surprising ways. more>>
08.02.16: Secular rulers in Egypt are telling mosques to read govt.-written sermons. more>>
08.01.16: "We are a decadent people waiting on the stars." Why Indian politicians are terrified of banning superstitions. more>>
07.29.16: Secular Pakistanis resist Turkey's Islamist demands to shutter PakTurk groups. more>>
07.28.16: One in three Danes believe Denmark is presently "at war" with Islam. more>>
07.27.16: Pope visits Poland, where some want to decouple Polish identity and religion. more>>
07.26.16: Uddhav Thackeray knocks secularism, wants India to declare as a Hindu state. more>>
07.25.16: In Germany, more youth are coming of (secular) age via the Jugdendweihe rather than religious education. more>>
07.22.16: Irish atheists, Muslims and evangelicals argue state-endorsed religious course should not be compulsory. more>>
07.21.16: Aussie senator, a non-practising Muslim, argues ban on immigration would turn away secular Muslim families. more>>
07.20.16: Turks worried Erdogan will raise up Islamists, abandon secular traditions, following "gift from God" coup attempt. more>>
Recommended: Reimagining the Sacred
07.19.16: Did a divine clarion give Blair the call to join a burning Bush for war in Iraq? more>>
07.18.16: Krauss, Epstein and Armstrong discuss religion and violence with Mehdi Hasan on AJE's UpFront. watch>>
07.15.16: AP reports that Egypt standardizes sermons, tightening grip on mosques. more>>
07.14.16: Atheist church has arrived: Readers' Digest profiles Sunday Assembly. more>>
07.13.16: Bill Nye's speech from the Reason Rally. watch>>
07.12.16: This week, a hearing in DC on blasphemy laws and their profanation of freedom of expression. more>>
07.11.16: Peter Wehner outlines Donald Trump's theology of dehumanization. more>>
07.08.16: The role of the religious right in Britain's decision to exit the European Union. more>>
07.07.16: NSS director identifies compulsory worship in UK schools as indoctrination. more>>
07.06.16: A little learning is a dangerous thing: students of an illegal ultra-orthodox UK school almost drown on hike. more>>
07.05.16: In Mississippi, federal judge rules against law granting religion special privileges. more>>
07.04.16: "These are the vanguard of a permanently uncertain revolution"; Vox reports from the Reason Rally. more>>
07.01.16: CPI-M Gen Sec Yechury warns metamorphosis of India into "rabidly intolerant fascistic Hindu Rashtra." more>>
06.30.16: Religion Dispatches lays out what US denominations teach about homosexuality. more>>
06.29.16: “When he insisted that he was a UK citizen… he was told enta Falesteeni, khabeebi.” Laila Lalami's letter from the Palestine Festival of Literature. more>>
06.28.16: Texas Supreme Court avoids ruling on whether parents can neglect the education of their homeschooled children while they await the Rapture. more>>
06.27.16: Hindu reporter working at the Associated Press of Pakistan forced to drink from a separate glass. more>>
06.24.16: Petition the House of Commons to repeal Section 296 (Blasphemous Libel) of the Canadian Criminal Code. more>>
06.23.16: AHA Appignani legal team dissuades CA officials from forcing an atheist parolee to enroll in religious rehab. more>>
06.22.16: William Ruto, Deputy President of Kenya, wants to make prayer compulsory. more>>
06.21.16: Islamist "cyber jihadists" are gaming community standards to shut-down atheist Facebook groups. more>>
06.15.16: A song about politicians who only send thoughts and prayers after tragedy. more>>
06.10.16: BBC: "Bangladesh home minister suggests Israel behind spate of killings." more>>
06.09.16: NYPost: "Evangelical Christians wonder where the hell their power went." more>>
06.07.16: More than 50 organisations call on Greece to abolish blasphemy laws. more>>
06.10.16: BBC: "Bangladesh home minister suggests Israel behind spate of killings." more>>
06.01.16: Cory Doctorow invites you to crowdfund an atheist shoe bus to crisscross the US. more>>
05.02.16: Center for Inquiry petition asks Hasina to protect Bangladeshi freedom of religion, belief, and expression. more>>
04.29.16: Faisal Saeed Al Mutar is angry. "They are crowdsourcing the killing of Yemeni secular bloggers." more>>
04.27.16: Maryland Humanist wins primary, could become the only openly non-theistic member of Congress. more>>
04.26.16: The Atlantic covers the targeting of secular activists, journos, and religious minorities in Bangladesh. more>>
04.25.16: Breaking news: "Iceland has officially declared Christianity a public health hazard." (Caveat lector.) more>>
04.20.16: Indian SC justice to women banned from entering the temple of a "celibate" deity: "Why d'ya wanna Him if He don't wanna see you?" more>>
04.19.16: Tradition bans women from entering the temple of a "celibate" deity. Indian SC justice wonders: "Why do you want to see a god that doesn't want to see you?" more>>
04.15.16: Religious groups lobbied for SOCAS with regard to day care. The outcome is predictably grim: dangerous, fly-by-night operations that skirt regulatory oversight. more>>
04.14.16: RLEOade, writing for The Guardian, comes out against Ireland's "disgraceful" blasphemy law. more>>
04.13.16: Roy Greenslade, writing for The Guardian, comes out against Ireland's "disgraceful" blasphemy law. more>>
04.11.16: Al Qaeda group in Bangladesh claims responsibility for machete murder of a secular blogger. more>>
04.08.16: Nazimuddin Samad, 26, secular law student, killed in an attack at Jagannath University thought to be motivated by anti-secular bigotry. more>>
04.07.16: Countdown to Xmas in Connecticut. Atheists sue to place an atheist banner on town green, Humanists fundraise for holiday display sculpture. more>>
04.06.16: Right-wing leaders decry ‘un-Islamic’ bill designed to protect women from harassment and abuse as an attempt to secularize and westernize Pakistan. more>>
04.05.16: Student to ask Canada refugee board not to send back to gay-hating, apostate-punishing Malaysia. more>>
04.04.16: Leo Igwe reports on how atheism is reducing maternal mortality related to "church birth" practices in Nigeria. more>>
04.01.16: Mumtaz Qadri murdered blasphemers; the leader of the largest mosque in Scotland has praise for him. more>>
03.31.16: "Official and untouchable." Bangladesh Supreme Court rejects petition filed by secularists challenging the status of Islam as state religion. more>>
03.30.16: Organizational behaviorists, lifestyle coaches, and psychiatrists weigh in on whether the conflict between science and religion has roots in the brain. more>>
03.22.16: "For the first time in its recorded history, the number of Norwegians who say they do not believe in God has topped the number of those who do believe." more>>
02.23.16: Favorable ruling for the FFRF in CA: "The legislative exception does not apply to prayer at school board meetings." more>>
02.22.16: Iranian metal band reportedly arrested, awaiting trial for blasphemy and other charges, possibility of death sentence. more>>
02.19.16: The Idaho Senate Education Committee proposes a bill to bring the Bible into classes including astronomy, biology, and geology. more>>
02.18.16: The government head of Morocco affirms that secularism and gay marriage, inter alia, threaten the progress and security of his country. more>>
02.17.16: Russian Orthodox patriarch equates "aggressive" atheism and religiously-motivated terrorism: "God is being ousted from this civilization, and the world is becoming godless and satanic." more>>
02.16.16: Humanist chaplaincy upgraded from pilot program to permanent position at Tufts University. more>>
02.12.16: New doc about Imtiaz Shams (founder of Faith to Faithless) and London's underground effort to keep ex-Muslims safe. more>>
02.11.16: Justin Scott of Iowa asked every important presidential contender: Why would atheist voters vote for you? more>>
02.10.16: Hundreds now attending the secular alternative to church at US Air Force basic training. more>>
02.09.16: The 2016 Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference has just been announced. Save the date for April 30th, and start making your travel plans. more>>
02.08.16: The jolly blasphemers of the UAAR open an exhibit satirizing religion. At the SMS Center in Pisa through 2/14, culminating in a Darwin Day celebration. more>>
02.05.16: Atheists in Kenya pose a threat to "the interests of peace, welfare or good governance"; government denies their right to register as an organization. more>>
02.03.16: Apostate poet Ashraf Fayadh spared death sentence, is given 800 lashes and eight years in prison. more>>
02.01.16: "Thanks be to God, who gives us victory"? Texas court to decide if public school cheerleaders violate establishment clause when praising Jesus on hand-painted football banners. more>>
01.26.16: UK education secretary wants to ban the BHA and other secularist groups from challenging admissions violations at gov't-funded faith schools. more>>
01.21.16: Vandalism targets Yaakov Malkin, director of the International Institute for Humanistic Secular Judaism and author of Judaism Without God. more>>


08.17.16: Douglas Murray celebrates the conviction of rogue Islamist Anjem Choudary as a victory for secularism. more>>
08.16.16: Anshu Lala wants us to cease discrimination against atheists, and instead unite against injustice. more>>
08.15.16: Ram Puniyani on the conflict between religious culture and secularism in India. more>>
08.12.16: Mark Vernon explores phenomenon of Sunday Assembly for BBC Radio 4. listen>>
08.11.16: Karen Leothen's tips for discussing religion in a skeptical family household. more>>
08.10.16: Is multiculturalism, are Christian communities, helped or harmed if we regard Jacques Hamel as a martyr? more>>
08.09.16: David Niose of the AHA calls for students to join the boycott, sit down during the "under God" Pledge of Allegiance. more>>
08.08.16: Hugh Harris argues that by influencing secular policy making, the census helps to promote religious freedom. more>>
08.05.16: Heat Street video interviews with a few of the ex-Muslims who denounce the religion of their birth at great personal risk. watch>>
08.04.16: Adam Lee on why atheists might be feeling snubbed this election season. more>>
08.03.16: President of the Norman Movement calls for a clear-eyed, informed and determined community response to religious terrorism. more>>
08.02.16: Why are evangelicals smearing Uganda's Kasese Humanist Primary School? more>>
08.01.16: Hassan Khalifeh's history of Muslim-identifying progressives, skeptics or atheists in America; "Some call themselves Muslimish." more>>
07.29.16: Seeking an accord to bridge the alleged contradictions of laïcité and Islam. more>>
07.28.16: Steve Martinot sees a secularist/fundamentalist dynamic in police shootings, righteousness criminalizing at will. more>>
07.27.16: More on the culture war between Israeli military and gay-hating Zionist rabbis. more>>
07.26.16: Gideon Levy on Israel, where "there’s no such thing as offending the sensibilities of secular people… " more>>
07.25.16: Mahfuz Anam on the challenge of confronting religious extremism in Bangladesh. more>>
07.22.16: Reviewing the data, Leila Marchand finds that more than half of the French claim no religion. more>>
07.21.16: Readers reply to op-ed writer: "Our secular pluralism is not negotiable." more>>
07.20.16: Mr. Trump, tear down that wall? The GOP platform threatens SOCAS. more>>
07.19.16: POTUS candidate Zoltan Istvan delivers garbled message that is pro-science yet against religious "deathism." more>>
07.18.16: Robert Jones, head of the PRRI and author of The End of White Christian America, on the State of Belief podcast. listen>>
07.15.16: RDF CEO Robyn Blumner asks, is my intolerance of your intolerance intolerant? more>>
07.14.16: Secular rage. In BBC interview, hawkish Dawkins calls violence committed in the name of religion a force for evil. watch>>
07.13.16: Taslima Nasreen, living in exile, reavows that Islam is not a religion of peace. more>>
07.12.16: Trump needs a Whig? Lincoln's two cents on what was during his day the equivalent of Trump's religious bigotry. more>>
07.11.16: A profile of the Yale Humanist Community and its director Chris Stedman. more>>
07.08.16: How do the different religions vary in the likelihood for their followers to defend the use of police force? more>>
Recommended: Personal Paths to Humanism
07.07.16: Looking far beyond Dhaka, Islamist forces seek to undermine the 'secular code' of Bangladesh. more>>
07.06.16: Robert Fisk argues that Islam needs a Luther to denounce sale of one’s soul to God. more>>
07.05.16: Are Creationists right about dinosaur fossils? watch>>
07.04.16: Miri Paz, on Wiesel: "As a Jew he cannot act against the government of Israel." more>>
07.01.16: Co-founder of Sunday Assembly, Sanderson Jones, tells UK how to be kind to one another following Brexit vote. more>>
06.30.16: Biodun Jeyifo uses the gospel to argue that ecumenism, not atheism, is the way to strong secular society. more>>
06.29.16: Faisal Saeed Al Mutar replies to Hirsi Ali's criticism of western ferminism for failing to defend Muslim women. more>>
06.28.16: "Rescuing Memory": Jorge Majfud interviews Chomsky for The Humanist. more>>
06.16.16: Bacon + atheism, Julia Child + the Hitch: a 90-year-old's intellectual awakening. watch>>
06.15.16: An unpersuasive argument as to why we shouldn't force Hasidic Jews to offer secular education. more>>
06.14.16: James Croft on post-Orlando vigil services: "Atheists must be affirmed." more>>
06.01.16: The New Criterion presents an in-depth interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islam and 'defense' of the West. watch>>
05.30.16: Another interview with the Holy Hell filmmakers: “We gave away our critical thinking and moral code… ” more>>
05.27.16: "How to survive a cult": Rich Juzwiak interviews creator of Buddhafield documentary. more>>
05.24.16: Interview with Frank Schaeffer, who regrets making a film that helped catalyze the pro-life movement. watch>>
05.17.16: Catherine Dunphy, author of From Apostle to Apostate, talks with The Good Atheist podcast. listen>>
05.16.16: Samantha Bee explains how Christian conservatives went from politically inactive to never shutting the hell up. more>>
05.13.16: Regarding our reasons for blasphemy, the sources of creativity, and our response to Charlie Hebdo. more>>
05.10.16: In this 1994 video, Hitchens defends his criticism of Mother Theresa. watch>>
04.28.16: Daniel Engber asks, are we properly skeptical about our skepticism? Who will debunk the debunkers? more>>
04.27.16: Op-ed calls for solidarity between religious minorities and atheists, against the threat of religious ideologues. more>>
04.26.16: Activist Zack Kopplin on how public school trips are underwriting the Creation Museum in Kentucky. more>>
04.25.16: Arvind Sharma: "Religions make such enormous claims… the least they can do is to allow everyone to examine them from all possible angles." more>>
04.21.16: Wendy Doniger laments the repression of the academic study of religion by faith-based interests. more>>
04.20.16: Video interview with Mariah Walton of Idaho, who hopes to sue her Christian parents for religiously-motivated medical neglect. watch>>
04.19.16: "Scepticism; Social Issues; Better Sex." Paul Ratner rounds up 10 Benefits of Atheism for Big Think. more>>
04.14.16: Leo Igwe interviews a former pastor, discussing the future prospects for atheism in Namibia. more>>
04.11.16: Silpa Kovvali reviews God's Not Dead 2. Spoiler: it's paranoid, unsophisticated, and hostile to pluralism. more>>
04.07.16: Christian blogger, obviously threatened by atheists singing cheesy rock/pop songs on Sunday, calls atheist churches "shallow." more>>
04.06.16: Minister who no longer believes in God tells CTV she believes religion and faith are changing in Canada. more>>
04.05.16: Jurist calls for Indian VP's words to be heeded, and repeated: protect secularism and the rights of religious minorities! more>>
04.04.16: "Atheists deserve a place in interfaith dialogue", in Singapore as elsewhere. How are we to push beyond mere tolerance? more>>
04.01.16: "It is very hard not to make this essay into an apology for the ways the evangelical church has failed." more>>
03.30.16: Damon Linker explains the difficulty of doubt (and why he is critical of those who show unreflective deference to religious traditions). more>>
03.22.16: Lawrence Krauss discusses "militant atheism", forced ignorance as child abuse, and more in his keynote from the 2015 Non-Conference. watch>>
02.23.16: Le Monde op-ed identifies Hindutva nationalist thugs as a threat to Indian secularism. more>>
02.22.16: Fresh Air talks Ted Cruz, inclusiveness, inter-faith relationships and more, with Susan Jacoby, author of Strange Gods: A Secular History Of Conversion. more>>
02.19.16: "For all its dull-witted devotion to Vedic flying machines and cow urine, [the BJP] is sharply cognizant of the power of the classroom." India's ruling party (anti-intellectual, regressive, and militantly religious) means to take control of education. more>>
02.18.16: Spanish cardinal says sure, the state is secular, but that shouldn't open the door to gay marriage. watch>>
02.17.16: Fighting extremist values, changing hearts and minds, and being 'Openly Secular': an interview with Larry Decker, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition For America. watch>>
02.16.16: Sexism in New Atheism is "both cause and consequence of the movement's demographics." more>>
02.12.16: Ellery Schempp: "I celebrate all of us who are blasphemers, heretics, and in apostasy." more>>
02.11.16: "May God deliver us from politicians who try to prove they're the true believers." Gail Collins and Arthur Brooks in conversation. more>>
02.10.16: Can the 1970's Bollywood action comedy classic Amar Akbar Anthony teach us about how to build a vibrant secular social democracy today? more>>
02.09.16: "Atheists and humanists of color have been going against the white grain to address issues that much of organized atheism and humanism seems resistant if not outright hostile to." more>>
02.08.16: Susan Jacoby: "The question is not why non-religious Americans vote for these candidates . . . but why candidates themselves ignore the growing group of secular voters." more>>
02.05.16: What is the allure of pseudoscience? Well, it comforts. And perhaps it also satisfies our neurological and spiritual craving for meaning. more>>
02.04.16: In 1989, for the BBC Frontiers series, Christopher Hitchens traveled to Cyprus to interview Turks and Greeks on that divided island. (Hat-tip to Kush Ganatra.) watch>>
02.02.16: "If God is going to be infinite . . . then we're talking about something that is an idea, not an entity." From the Honest Liars interview with James Lindsay, author of Everybody Is Wrong About God. more>>
01.28.16: Meredith McConnell of Sunday Assembly Boston chats with the Naked Diner podcast about cheesy music and other aspects of running a godless congregation. more>>
01.08.16: Glenn Greewald: "Where Were the Post-Hebdo Free Speech Crusaders as France Spent the Last Year Crushing Free Speech?" more>>
01.15.16: Nathan Alexander (of the Int'l. Soc. for Historians of Atheism, Secularism, and Humanism) interviews Suvi Karila, PhD candidate at the University of Turku, who studies the 'lived non-religion' of several 19th-century freethinking women. more>>
08.17.16: A reminder that most US states allow religious exemptions from prosecution for child abuse and neglect crimes. more>>
08.16.16: Reviewed, Richard Holloway's ambitious survey of the history of religion. more>>
08.15.16: "Ministers should shed pomp." A brief history of activist Gora and the Atheist Centre he helped to found. more>>
08.12.16: "A thousand ways to kiss the earth": an essay on artistic freedom, cultural heritage, and Islamic extremism. more>>
08.11.16: Annual report on global religious freedom censures blasphemy laws as undermining human rights. more>>
08.10.16: Tehmina Kazi explains the six cardinal equalities behind "procedural secularism." more>>
08.09.16: That a leading French public intellectual is seriously recommending that Europeans and North Americans adopt an Israeli mentality underscores how Islamic State has “framed” us. more>>
08.08.16: Paul Ratner wonders why the US can't have an atheist head of state, if these nations can. more>>
08.05.16: Research suggests pols should attend less to the nuns and more to the Nones. more>>
08.04.16: Gary Gutting argues that Islam has yet to make the kinds of concessions to secularism Christianity has. more>>
08.03.16: "Only in the North American states… does the Jewish question lose its theological significance and become a really secular question." more>>
08.02.16: If secular values prevail in US domestic policy, they are foreign abroad where geopolitics trumps. more>>
08.01.16: From 2007, a long-form (non-conspiracy) look on Hillary Clinton's relationship with Beltway prayer, the Family, and a "politics of meaning." more>>
07.29.16: Omar Sarwar contends the legacy of Victorian imperialism does not alone explain Islamic homophobia. more>>
Recommended: The Origins of Neoliberalism
07.28.16: Contra Deus vult; calls to canonize murdered French priest only fan the flames of religious sectarianism. more>>
07.26.16: Among other ideas, agnosticism as honorably noncommittal, in this review by Brook Wilensky-Lanford. more>>
07.25.16: A review essay giving a synopsis of the rise and spread of Victorian spiritualism. more>>
07.22.16: Alastair Lichten finds a defense of secular democracy in Frederic Rich's counterfactual dystopian novel. more>>
07.21.16: Neha Thirani Bagri reports on decline in confidence that religion can be a force to solve social problems. more>>
07.20.16: A review of Meredith Tax's new book on the fight of Kurdish women against "religio-fascistic" Islamic State. more>>
07.19.16: Speckhardt argues that the aim of humanism is not to shame believers, but to connect them to science and art. more>>
07.18.16: Simon Brown finds fault with a new book of revisionist American colonial history. more>>
07.15.16: How French laïcité was radicalized to stop the laity from looking beyond its roots. more>>
07.14.16: Is it religion or politics we should find responsible for ISIS? Simon Cottee calls out the false dichotomy. more>>
07.12.16: "God is modelled on a harem-keeping alpha male;" a hot take by David Barash. more>>
07.11.16: Islamic Exceptionalism pessimistically argues that Islam's only fate is the caliphate. more>>
07.08.16: Such sectual diversity! Edward Everett Hale reports on the religion of America, from the year 1904. more>>
07.07.16: In "And yet… ", Kush Ganatra shares further thinking about Realpolitick, history, and Hitchens' courage. more>>
07.06.16: New Testament scholar reviews Conor Cunningham’s book Darwin's Pious Idea. more>>
07.05.16: The Indian Express reviewer dings AC Grayling's newest book. more>>
07.04.16: Rayyan Al-Shawaf reviews Grace Without God by Katherine Ozment. more>>
07.01.16: Perils of playing it safe: Douglas Murray on failing to recognize a religious component in acts of terroristic violence. more>>
06.30.16: Writing in 2014, Emma Green characterized the new "aggressive atheism" as coming with a shrug, not a shout. more>>
06.29.16: 'This Christianity proved a ready ally of the political pieties we nurture about America.” Matthew Sitman on leaving conservatism behind. more>>
06.27.16: What reviewer Josiah Van Vliet found wanting in Richard Dawkins' memoir A Brief Candle in the Dark. more>>
06.20.16: Remarks delivered by Ayaan Hirsi Ali after she received the Edmund Burke Award. more>>
06.14.16: "Trapped in a JW marriage": a guest post on the blog of Karen Garst. more>>
06.03.16: Via BoingBoing: Paul Coates targets medical quacks in this episode of his 1950s show Confidential File. watch>>
06.01.16: The You Are Not So Smart podcast looks at the odd thinking behind the special pleading fallacy. listen>>
05.31.16: "What LaHaye and Jenkins are preaching… is evangelical market utopianism. Chris Lehmann considers the Left Behind book series. more>>
05.30.16: "No truce between the rationalist and the irrationalist": Hugh Mortimer Cecil's refutation of "pseudo-philosophy." more>>
05.23.16: Doug Muder: "I told our middle school class that Humanism begins with loving all of our neighbors." more>>
05.17.16: "The first 50 lashes": an excerpt from Ensaf Haidar's book Raif Badawi, The Voice of Freedom: My Husband, Our Story. more>>
05.11.16: Reviewed: a book with "the effrontery and guile to claim Hitchens had a protracted deathbed confession." more>>
04.26.16: "Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance": a long-form profile of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda. more>>
04.25.16: On race, religion, and taste-based discrimimination: a review of Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies. more>>
04.22.16: National Geographic on the growth and struggle for diversity and acceptance in the secular community. more>>
04.20.16: Bhagat Singh, writing from a Lahore jail cell in 1930: "My friends, it is not my vanity; it is my mode of thinking that has made me an atheist." more>>
04.11.16: First-hand accounts of being an ex-Westboro fundie, an ex-Satmar Hasidic Jew, an ex-Salafi muslim. more>>
04.06.16: "God is just a product of our consciousness." Readers write-in to the NYTimes regarding faith and doubt. more>>
04.05.16: Does techno-optimism enable apostasy? New study suggests that belief in scientific progress can serve as a source of life satisfaction. more>>
04.04.16: On gay identity in the Arab world: the competing claims of culture, politics, and religion on queer Arab bodies. more>>
04.01.16: Charlie Hebdo argues that the "notion of the secular" needs a more robust defense against the unintended consequences of mere tolerance. more>>
03.30.16: In The Atlantic: "Non-religious families often find it difficult to educate their children without relying on conservative Christian curricula and communities." more>>
03.24.16: "Skepticism towards religion doesn't imply reluctance to discuss… political entanglements of religion;" a report on the 23rd Tischner Debate. more>>
03.18.16: Brian Doyle reviews the "admirable, opulent, incredibly thorough" three-volume edition autobiography of Mark Twain, American racounteur, provocateur, and skeptic. more>>
03.16.16: "Religion is deadly for sick children": Rita Swan's speech upon receiving the FFRF Lifetime Achievement Award. more>>
02.23.16: George Scialabba reviews Jerry Coyne's latest: "The dogmas Coyne derides in Faith Versus Fact are indeed, as James said of their nineteenth-century versions, fifth wheels to the coach." more>>
02.22.16: The Soul of Doubt: The Religious Roots of Unbelief argues that secular ethics are essentially derived from the Christian tradition. Reviewer is unpersuaded. more>>
02.19.16: In The Religion of a Sceptic (1925), John Cowper Powys suggests a poetic way of viewing Christian tradition, and through it, the "still sad music of humanity." more>>
02.18.16: "My religion is your magic. Your religion is my fairy lore. Or your religions might be a mass of fakery and trickery and foolery." The Book of Magic, reviewed in the TLS. more>>
02.17.16: A helping of rhyming irreverence for Humpday: Arthur High Clough's poem "There Is No God". more>>
02.16.16: Faithless feminist Karen Garst on women, economics, and church giving more>>
02.12.16: Gerald Birney Smith, writing in 1925, considers the idea of religion without theism. more>>
02.11.16: Mini-bios of six American freethinkers who were concerned with spirituality from a naturalistic standpoint. more>>
02.10.16: Hitch as the heir of Diagoras? Battling the Gods by Tim Whitmarsh traces the pedigree connecting ancient atheism to present-day secularists. more>>
02.09.16: "Is the promotion of atheism a criminal offense at common law?" The editors of the 1917 Harvard Law Review weigh in. more>>
02.08.16: Confessions extracted in "miracle rooms"; the execution of "enemies of God"; Rouhani's efforts to reach out to the West. Michiko Kakutani reviews Laura Secor's new book about Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. more>>
02.05.16: "It is not the purpose of The Humanist Extension Bureau to establish a new cult, or ism." Read "A Statement Regarding the Growing Humanist Movement in the United States", 1932. more>>
02.02.16: David Hoelscher says New Atheism impedes the world-wide realization of Humanistic philosophy. more>>
02.01.16: "Atheists, like believers, can feel pride in the pedigree of their beliefs, as Tim Whitmarsh's new book on atheism in the ancient world shows." more>>
01.21.16: In the London Review of Books, Jeremy Harding reviews Who is Charlie? Xenophobia and the New Middle Class by Emmanuel Todd, translated by Andrew Brown. more>>
01.15.16: "This is the last posthumous collection of Hitchens's essays we are likely to see." Terry Eagleton reviews And Yet... for The Guardian. more>>

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